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I saw a squirrel!

music that is kind of good

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For Lisa and Chris, the decision to be the saviours of music was not an easy one. With great power, they knew, came great responsibility. Sharing their wealth of musical knowledge was to be a long, hard road, particularly in Canada where the road is occasionally covered in snow and ice.

At first they planned to create a radio station, fashioning their lives after the hit show for hip pre-teens, Radio Free Roscoe. Unfortunately, their voices were in fact too beautiful for the airwaves; a veritable siren call for their many hypothetical listeners. And besides that, neither of them knew how to set up a radio station anyways.

Thus, one fine April day in 2004 after Canada declared filesharing not completely illegal, I SAW A SQUIRREL was born. Lisa and Chris and also Chris and Chris and sometimes Chris, and also once, a mysterious Serbian named Jelena have been shirking their mp3 posting duties ever since.